Friday, March 13, 2015

Refreshed Pure & Natural Rose Water

When I bought my Presenter's Kit last December, it came with a nice variety of products. I loved all of them, but the most unexpected item I got in that kit was Rose Water.
I wasn't sure what to do with it or why I needed it, but I have come to love it! It does more than just refresh your skin. It gives your skin a good base for your makeup by adding hydration and subtracting redness and oil!

I look forward to putting this on my face after my shower in the morning! It helps take away that dry, crunchy feeling and makes my face feel smooth again. And it smells great, too!!

The website says you can apply it before makeup to prep your skin or after makeup to help set your look for the day. I haven't tried applying post-makeup, but if you do - let me know how you like it!


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